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Coin Operated Lock
Coin RFID Sensor-ESC

Coin RFID Sensor-ESCCoin RFID Sensor-ESC

Combination of Coin operated with Radio Frequency Identification function allows users to operate the lock with the matching frequency RFID card/wristband. Eliminated the problem of losing key and spend high cost for replacing the keys.


Sensor function (Electrical)


Stainless Steel


About 0.4KG


1. Three Functions Option:

a. Coin Retain

b. Coin Return

c. Non-Coin

2. Coin Insert: 0~99 coins

3. Time Setting: 1~24 hrs / 1~7 days

4. Power Supply:

a. 1.5V*4 Batteries = 6V

b. AC / DC is available

5. OEM & ODM Function available

6. Master key available for maintenance and emergency opening.

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